About Echo Of Hollywood

Coco Chanel once brought simplicity and comfort into style, but once again the world of fashion returns to the unique and extraordinary. Everyone now desires to stand out against the gray crowd. We are now linking the luxurious, exclusive, hand-made with the comfortable and individual.

Echo of Hollywood was created for women with impeccable style and individuality.

This is as example of a successful cooperation between Russia and America. Established in 1997, in the wake of Russia's rapid economic development, glitzy social life and growing show business, the company has quickly created its niche. The key to the company's success has been a policy of delivering buyers' needs for elegant and unique products.

One of the reasons our products are attractive to customers is our use of rich materials from Italy and the U.S.

Our footwear features especially high heel, thoughtful design, high-quality materials and each pair of shoes is hand-made by our expert designers.

Since its inception, one of the principles of the company has been patriotism (for each product you'll find the brand "Made in Russia")!

Currently, Echo of Hollywood has a network of boutiques in the city of Moscow, online shop, and various offices in number of Russian cities. The company constantly expands its offerings to meet the needs and desires of our clients.